Member Information Regarding COVID-19

The North Carolina Retirement Systems Division (RSD) takes the COVID-19 outbreak very seriously and are implementing measures to protect our members, RSD staff, stakeholders and the public.

The Department of State Treasurer (DST) building is currently closed to visitors. We continue to process retirements, documents and payments and are here to serve members through enhanced email support – nc.retirement@nctreasurer.com. While our office is no longer accepting visitors or drop-off paperwork, members can still submit forms and documents by:
    •  email - nc.retirement@nctreasurer.com
    •  fax - 919-855-5800
    •  mail - Department of State Treasurer, Retirement Systems Division, 3200 Atlantic Avenue, Raleigh NC 27604

We will still be working to support you during this time and available to address questions.

  • Our Retirement Benefit Counselors are available for virtual one-on-ones and enhanced support will be available through our Member Services email, nc.retirement@nctreasurer.com.
  • We strongly encourage members to click on the ORBIT link in the purple box on the side of the page and log into ORBIT to access tools and resources for active members and retirees. You can access these digital resources 24/7 on our website and from your secure ORBIT account, where you can view service, update beneficiaries, perform calculations, retire online, and view transactions.  If you haven't enrolled for online access to ORBIT, enroll here.


  • Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the Department of State Treasurer (DST) building is closed to visitors as of March 25.

  • Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, we have extended the deadline for your 2019 Statement of Income form. Please complete the form and return it to us no later than Monday, June 1. For FAQs on SOI, please click here.

  • Phone assistance will not be available the week of March 23 – 27, 2020.  The Call Center counselors will be responding to all inquiries through e-mail only. We are continuing to monitor the situation and will provide an update when new information is available.  Member Services has enhanced email support and we encourage you to send an email to nc.retirement@nctreasurer.com for assistance.

  • Member Services' phone assistance will be supported by limited staff from 8:00 am - 4:30 pm on Friday, March 20. Our enhanced email support may provide a quicker response - nc.retirement@nctreasurer.com.

  • State Treasurer Dale R. Folwell, CPA, put out a press release today further reassuring the state’s citizens, retirees and members of the State Health Plan that the state is fiscally sound and that services and payments will continue without interruption. Click here to view the Treasurer’s statement and to get more information.

  • We are continuing business-as-usual and processing applications, documents and payments. Retiree payments will continue to be made on time. This means the March 25, 2020 payment is scheduled. Click here for more information on Retiree payments

  • Incoming and outgoing mail will be running a limited weekly schedule on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays as of March 19, 2020.

  • As of March 18 and in an effort to follow current government recommendations, we will have limited staff on site and are no longer meeting with walk-in visitors. We will continue to deliver business-as-usual services and payments. We encourage all of our members to use the digital tools and resources available on myNCRetirement.com.

  • As of March 18, 2020, RSD has cancelled all scheduled in-person office appointments. Alternatives for members include making an appointment for a virtual one-on-one and utilizing the digital tools and resources available at myNCRetirement.com and through their secure ORBIT account.

  • All in-person conferences through the end of April have been cancelled. Registrants, employers and venues have been contacted and we encourage registration for on-demand webinar series located at myNCRetirement.com.

We continue to monitor the situation and will keep you updated as this evolving situation unfolds.

Consult these additional resources for current developments:


Frequently Asked Questions

I have applied for retirement. What happens now?

I have applied for retirement. What happens now?

Please know that we are continuing ‘business-as-usual’ and processing applications, documents and payments. If you are currently in process, we may experience some delays in receiving required or supporting documentation from your employer. In this case, it may delay.