Retirement Monitor - March 2016

TSERS and LGERS 2016 Employer Manuals and TSERS Disability Han​dbook Posted; Employee Beneficiary Designations; ORBIT Informational Fliers Posted






Table of Contents

  • TSERS and LGERS 2016 Employer Manuals and TSERS Disability Han​dbook Posted
  • Employee Beneficiary Designations
  • ORBIT Informational Fliers Posted

TSERS and LGERS 2016 Employer Manuals and TSERS Disability Handbook Posted ​​

Employers will find the TSERS and LGERS employer manuals a useful guide to retirement laws and procedures. The Disability Income Plan of North Carolina (DIPNC) benefits handbook provides TSERS and ORP members and employers with a description of the benefits available under DIPNC, and how to apply for DIPNC benefits. Visit the Employer Manual web page for these publications.


Employee Beneficiary Designations

When employees first become members of the Retirement Systems, they have the opportunity to designate a beneficiary(ies) for the return of contributions, and if eligible, for the death benefit. To determine if members designated beneficiaries when they joined the system, they should log into ORBIT and click “View Account Summary.” Beneficiaries will be listed on this page, if they were previously designated.

If members have less than 10 years of service, they can use the add, edit and delete features to change their beneficiary(ies) on the “View Account Summary” ORBIT page. Just click on “Change Beneficiary(ies)?” near the bottom of the page.

If members have more than 10 years of service, they will need to complete a paper copy of both:

  • Form 2RC – Designating Beneficiary(ies) for Retirement System Contributions
  • Form 2DB – Designating Beneficiary(ies) for the Death Benefit (if eligible for this benefit)

Both forms can be found on the ORBIT Forms page.

Members may submit form(s) to the North Carolina Retirement Systems by mail or fax.

NC Retirement Systems
3200 Atlantic Avenue
Raleigh, NC 27604
Fax: 919-855-5800

If a beneficiary designation is not on file with the Retirement Systems at the time of the member's death, any return of contributions or death benefit (if applicable) will be paid to the member's estate.

ORBIT Informational Fliers Posted​

ORBIT provides members with secure access to their personal retirement account information 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The NC Retirement division has posted one-page ORBIT fliers for active employees and retirees, highlighting the features of ORBIT, as well as the steps on how to register. The fliers also list important contact numbers for active employees and retirees.

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