Employer Training

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The Retirement Systems offers employer training throughout the year.

The Employer Education Series offers in depth training for Teachers’ and State Employees’ Retirement Systems (TSERS) and Local Governmental Employees’ Retirement Systems (LGERS) employers. This unique series is available to Human Resource Personnel, employees assisting in retirement related matters, and employees responsible for ORBIT Payroll Reporting. 

Attend the entire series to gain the knowledge you need to assist your employees and understand employer roles and responsibilities of reporting. You can also register for a single topic if you: 

  • are looking to learn about legislative changes;  
  • new processes or information; or  
  • if you need a refresher course. 

All virtual employer trainings require registration.

If you are interested in hosting a virtual employer training program for your key personnel, send us an email (employertraining@nctreasurer.com)

We also have online resources available in the myNCRetirement Employer Toolkit.