NC Retirement System Advanced Retirement Planning Webinar – Avoiding Scams, Frauds, & Exploitation of Retirement Assets - 07/19/2023


The Department of State Treasurer is hosting a Total Retirement Planning Conference. The program is 2 hours in length. What do the Metaverse, financial influencers (finfluencers), and cryptocurrency have in common? Skill Build to Protect Your Retirement Assets. 

Join Misty Piekaar-McWilliams and Ann Elmore for an Advance Retirement Planning webinar special event. This session will spotlight the hype surrounding investment opportunities touted in connection with the Metaverse, finfluencers and cryptocurrencies. We'll pull back the curtain to reveal realities and provide strategies for sifting the sizzle from the real deals and bona fide professionals. This session won't provide investment advice and cannot guide you about whether any particular real deal is a good deal for you; however, it will offer guidance on protecting retirement assets for the long haul including how to check investment opportunities and the credentials and backgrounds of those claiming to be investment pros, as well as activating credit freezes and other safety nets, as well as preparing and updating a durable Power of Attorney and issues to ask your legal advisor about when drafting or updating your POA.

Special guest speakers Misty Piekaar-McWilliams, Legal Services Developer for NC Division of Aging & Adult Services, and Ann Elmore, NC Department of the Secretary of State Advance Health Care Directive Registry.

This interactive online web conference will provide you with the tools to successfully navigate the Road to Retirement Readiness, while also providing an orientation for new members, pre-retirement planning information for members closer to retirement, and educational information for personnel officers and others who handle retirement matters.