ORBIT Employer Payroll Reporting TSERS and LGERS Employers – TSERS Series Part 2; LGERS Series Part 2 - 12/14/2022


This comprehensive seminar provides North Carolina government employers with information about ORBIT. Some of the topics to be covered include: What is ORBIT? Employer responsibilities: Enrolling new members into the Retirement System; Employee Self Service; how to download new member IDs. Submitting Employee and Employer contributions via (CSI); how to avoid a late fee; Reporting retirees who return to work as State Retirees Subject to Restrictions (STRS) or Local Retirees Subject to Restrictions (LOCRS); ORBIT Employer File Format; ORBIT Member ID File Format.

If enrolled in training, please attend, or email employertraining@nctreasurer.com to let the Retirement Systems know you need to cancel.

This event will be simulcast Live online, Click here to register for the simulcast:

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