Teachers' and State Employees' Employer Training - TSERS Series Part 1 - General Information 10/12/2022


TSERS Employer Training is for Human Resource Personnel and employees responsible for ORBIT Payroll Reporting. You may attend in person, or via webinar. Topics include: Distribution of Publications and Forms; TSERS Membership Requirements; Enrolling a New Member, Monthly Reporting; Changing a Member’s Social Security Number, Birth date, or Beneficiary; Reporting a Member’s Death; Refund of Contributions; Transferring Service and Contributions Between Systems; Retirement Benefit Eligibility Requirements; Retiree Health Coverage Eligibility Requirements; Retirement Formula and How Benefits are Calculated; Retirement Benefit Payment Options; Retirement Application Process NC 401(k) and NC 457 Transfer Benefit; Re-employment after Retirement; NC 401(k) Plan and NC 457 Plan

If enrolled in training, please attend, or email employertraining@nctreasurer.com to let the Retirement Systems know you need to cancel.

This event will be simulcast Live online, Click here to register for the simulcast:

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