Becoming a LEO Under LGERS

You are eligible to become a LEO member under the Local Governmental Employees' Retirement System (LGERS) if you are a permanent, full-time paid employee of a LGERS employer, who:

  • possesses the power of arrest, and
  • has taken the law enforcement oath administered under the authority of the state as prescribed by General Statute 11-11, and
  • is certified as a law enforcement officer under the provisions of Chapter 17C of the General Statutes or certified as a deputy sheriff under the provisions of Chapter 17E of the General Statutes.

“Law enforcement officer” also means the sheriff of the county.

As a law enforcement officer, when you become a member of the retirement systems, you are automatically a member of the NC 401(k) Plan.

NOTE: If you are a local law enforcement officer who works for a local government unit that does not participate in LGERS and you wish to join LGERS, then you should notify your employer.

Becoming Vested

You become vested in the retirement system once you have completed a minimum of five years of creditable service as an officer.

This means that you are eligible to apply for lifetime monthly retirement benefits once you reach the age requirement. Your benefit is calculated using the formula shown below, provided you do not withdraw your contributions. You may also be eligible for retiree health coverage.

Annual Retirement Benefit

Your annual retirement benefit is based on this formula:

1.85 of average final compensation
x (multiplied by)
years and months of creditable service

Retirement Application Process

Once you decide to retire and meet the eligibility requirements for monthly benefits, there are certain steps that must be taken to begin the retirement process. Please refer to the "Applying for and Receiving Monthly Benefits" in your retirement handbook.