Any credit you may have in the following retirement systems may be counted along with your credit in your current system in order to determine your eligibility for a reduced or unreduced retirement benefit:

  • Teachers' and State Employees' (TSERS)
  • Local Governmental Employees' (LGERS)
  • Legislative (LRS)
  • Consolidated Judicial (CJRS)

However, only your creditable service in your current system is used in computing the amount of your benefit in that system. Creditable service in any other system is used to compute benefits from that system.

In addition, any service credit you have in the UNC Optional Retirement Program may be added to your creditable service in TSERS in order to determine eligibility for benefits from TSERS.

Transferring Service & Contributions Between Systems

You can transfer your contributions and creditable service between LGERS and TSERS as long as you are an eligible member of the system to which you are transferring, do not receive a refund of your contributions from the system from which you are transferring and file Form 5TR (Transferring Service and Contributions Between Systems).

Transferred creditable service counts toward your eligibility for a monthly benefit and is used to compute the amount of your benefit. Overlapping transferred service cannot be counted twice for the same time period.

NOTE for TSERS: A transfer can affect your eligibility for State Health Plan coverage under the retirement systems.

Transferring Service Between Systems Presentation

After completing five years of membership service in TSERS, you may transfer contributions and creditable service from CJRS and LRS to TSERS. Contact us for additional information and instructions.