During a time of loss and grieving, there are steps that beneficiaries and family members must take to ensure that the law is followed as it relates to member retirement benefits. The following is vital information for family members who must notify the Retirement Systems Division in the event of the death of a retired member:

  • Notify our office as soon as possible, by filling out this online form: 

Reporting a Death to the NC Retirement Systems Division

  • You may also call our Call Center at (919) 814-4590 during business hours, Monday through Friday, excluding state holidays. Be sure to provide us with the name of the deceased member or beneficiary, Social Security Number or Member ID number and date of death. It's important to also provide us with your name and number or the name, number and current mailing address of the contact person. In the case of the death of a beneficiary, please also include the name and Social Security Number of the member or the member’s ID number.
  • The member is due a benefit payment in the month of their death. If the member’s account has been closed, you should contact the Clerk of Court in the county of the deceased member for estate information.
  • In the case of a member who elected a pop-up option (Option 6-2 or 6-3), it is essential that we receive the death certificate for the beneficiary as soon as possible so that the member's monthly benefits can be adjusted accordingly.
  • Do not withdraw funds or cash checks that represent benefits for the months after the member's death. State retirement law requires reimbursement of any benefits not due, and survivors are not paid any benefits due until reimbursement has been made. Please return any checks not cashed by mail to our office at the following address:

Death Benefits
N.C. Dept. of State Treasurer
3200 Atlantic Avenue
Raleigh, NC 27604

  • For those members with direct deposit, we will request the overpayment directly from the bank. If the bank account has already been closed, please advise us immediately. There could be an additional overpayment for prior year taxes if the overpayment is not satisfied that year. In some cases, the overpayment can be deducted from the benefit payable.
  • Mail a certified copy of the final Certificate of Death to us at the address above as soon as possible. The Certificate of Death must be legible and contain the seal of the Register of Deeds office from the county in which the member died. We cannot pay any benefits that may be due without a death certificate. If a "pending autopsy" Certificate of Death is submitted, then a Supplemental Death Certificate must be furnished before further action can be taken.
  • Please provide the name and address of the person handling the affairs of the estate. Correspondence goes to the estate of the member unless we have a contact person or can locate a current address for a relative.
  • If the member was receiving state-paid health insurance coverage, or she/he was providing health insurance coverage to family members through her/his monthly benefit, the coverage will be canceled. The family members are eligible to continue their coverage, but they need to contact the State Health Plan immediately at 855-859-0966 to contract for further coverage. In addition, if the member had any supplemental health insurance, that company needs to be contacted as well to ensure continuing coverage or to discontinue coverage.
  • The Retirement Systems Division encourages anyone who believes himself or herself to be a beneficiary to contact the division with the member's name, as well as your name, Social Security Number and current contact information.

Report a Member Death