National Retirement Security Month

BE PREPARED for Retirement!

Each year in October, National Retirement Security Month presents an opportunity for workers in all stages of their career to assess their retirement savings and goals.

The North Carolina Retirement Systems will be promoting the month through social media and have a series of educational webinars for all public servants in North Carolina.


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Join us this year and BE PREPARED for retirement!

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Week 1: Start Early. Save Often #SESO

Early career is the best time to start investing in your retirement because time on your side. This is when you really get to take advantage of compounding. Starting Early and Saving Often means you get used to saving and investing and it becomes a part of your routine. You are contributing 6% of pay to your North Carolina pension and this is a solid foundation for your future income in retirement. But you can do MORE and as a North Carolina public servant you have access to the NC Supplemental Retirement Plans.

The Retirement Systems Division

Defining the Terms: Creditable Years of Service

Retirement Garden Edition - Early Career

Week 2: Fresh Look on Savings & Security #FLOSS

As you enter mid-career, take time to look at what you have accomplished in saving for retirement. Are you on the right track and taking advantage of all of the savings opportunities available to you? Mid-career is also the time when some people realize they haven't started saving for retirement yet. It's never too late! Get on board and make a commitment for your future.

Week 3: Planning Transition #PT

Late career is when things really get moving and planning for retirement is taking on a whole new meaning. As a member of the North Carolina Retirement Systems, you have a wealth of resources available to you as you make the final stretch to the finish line.

Week 4: It’s Here, It’s Happening #IHIH

The day you have waited for has arrived! Congratulations on your #myNCRetirement. Remember, Your FIRST RETIREMENT CHECK is mailed via USPS, even if you have signed up for direct deposit. Retirement payments will then be delivered by direct deposit once your first check is cashed. Your second benefit payment will go directly into the bank account you designated on your direct deposit form. 

Thank you for your hard work and dedicated service to the citizens of North Carolina. It's Here, It's Happening. #IHIH