North Carolina National Guard Pension Fund

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North Carolina provides a state pension for those in the NCNG who meet the eligibility requirements and are 60 years of age.

20 years of military service = $105 per month

Each additional year = $10.50 per year

30 years of total military service = $210 per month (max allowable pension)


In order to qualify for the NCNG pension benefit, you must meet all of the following requirements:

  • You are 60 years old.
  • You have  served  and  qualified  for  at  least  20  years’  creditable  military  service, including National   Guard,   reserve   and   active   duty,   under   the   same requirement  specified  for entitlement  to  retired  pay  for  nonregular  service under Chapter 67, Title 10, United States Code.
  • Have  at  least  15  years  of  the  aforementioned  service  as  a  member  of  the North Carolina National Guard.
  • Have  received  an  honorable  discharge  from  the  North  Carolina  National Guard.

Once your retirement is processed, you will be able to register your secure ORBIT account. We suggest you use a personal email for access. With ORBIT, you will be able to view information related to your pension payment, direct deposit and address information. 


Questions regarding eligibility and initiating your benefit?  Contact the North Carolina National Guard at 984.664.7892. The NC National Guard Retirement Services Office is also here to help.

NC National Guard Retirement Services Office

Questions regarding your existing requirement benefit? Send an email to